About Evides Waterbedrijf

Evides Waterbedrijf is a water company that supplies reliable and tasty drinking water to 2.5 million clients in its home market, being the southern part of the province of Zuid-Holland, in the entire province of Zeeland, and the Brabantse Wal.

Drinking water is prepared from water sourced 80% from the river Maas, 16% from ground water, and 4% from dune water. We are the second-largest water company in The Netherlands based on supply connections, supply volumes and revenue.

Water for industrial clients is extracted 47 % from the Brielse Meer, 40% from the river Maas, 7% from the river Elbe, and 6 % from Belgian polder water. We are one of the strongest players in northwestern Europe in the market for water-on-demand solutions for industrial applications.

Evides also treats waste water from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and industrial complexes in Vlissingen (Sloe) and in Delfzijl.

Contact Evides

If you need to contact us from outside The Netherlands, please call us via +31-900-0787. Unfortunately this does not work from every country. In that case you can call +31 88 8845123. You will need to call from a land line, without anonymous calling.

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